The Doors to the 5Cs are Open!

Clarity and Collaboration

for the Community of

Climate Changemakers 

And we can't wait to welcome you

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What exactly is the 5Cs Community? 

Think of this as a global village of businesspeople. Giving our planet, a hand up. The village is made up of people from all lanes of business who care about the state of the globe, and want to leave something better for their kids and grandkids.  Simultaneously, they understand the need to keep an eye on the bottom line, get that things must change and are open to experimenting with making changes for the good of the planet.

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Why Should you Care?

You are exhausted from all the doomsday climate noise. You want to do something, but the what part is overwhelming.

You know that strength in numbers is not an empty phrase. You are looking for plain speak, people to converse with and people interested in making changes, just like yourself.

And you are looking for ideas to help you battle your own climate fatigue, rescue/hand up efforts and singular inability to move mountains.

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What will you get out of it?

-Confidence and satisfaction of working with like-minded individuals.

-Pride in taking actions that will make a positive impact on the globe.

-Movement towards leaving a powerful personal legacy.

-Satisfaction helping mankind move forward in the highest good for all.

-Having your ideas listened to and respected.

-A hand in shaping the direction of the community into the future.

-A positive story to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

What is included in the membership?

We might be simultaneously building and flying the airplane, however, there is no long line-up at the boarding gate. Here are the timelines of what you can expect. 

Day One

Knowledge and Power

Two tools for discovering your personal carbon footprint and one for discovering that of your business. Because knowledge and power in your hands are so much more effective than anywhere else.


Lists organized from easy to complex of meaningful action items any business or business person can choose to tackle -- professionally and personally. There’s a lot, it’s hard to keep track and nobody, but nobody can remember them all. So we made it simple for all of us.


Two 90-minute sessions each month with like-minded souls. Together, we’ll network, establish how the community operates, bring forward problems, find solutions, tap into each others brains, learn about new developments and share our experiences.


One signed copy of the book Clarity and Collaboration for the Community of Climate Changemakers: How to survive and thrive the next few decades. It includes a bit of the world's background and history, a lot of the possibilities and a framework for the community. 

By Day 90

Access to Facts

Grow and access an entire on-line 'library' of fact-based research and resources. Honestly, it always takes a village, and this village is both committed and passionate. The website is a combination one-stop library to find the most important and up to date climate, green, eco, biodiversity, and green links around the world AND a vault where the resources for members are tucked away for safe keeping.

Win Friends, Influence Naysayers

One personalized tool to help you grab the attention of others more effectively. Imagine conversing with anyone in the manner of how they want as opposed to how you think they want. Imagine saying the things that win people over to your way of thinking.


If you'd care to be a brand ambassador, earn 20% from any new member you bring in. Yes, this is entirely voluntary and NO, this is assuredly not an MLM scheme.

Before Day 180

The FIRST Big Tool 

The roll out of the 'put your money where your mouth is' app.  Imagine a global map where sustainable, green and eco-friendly companies can pay a nominal fee for a pin on that map and be known as one of the good guys in the world. The map will be given wide distribution to bring more awareness of each company, more profit money to the participating companies and ultimately keep more business inside the green world.

With a Bird's Eye View

There is definitely fun and pleasure in watching the rollout of a global program.  The not yet named, ‘put your money where your mouth is’ app gives you a front row seat to watch, guide and direct with zero personal risk.

And A Way to Spread the News

Help your friends in business who do good get way more global exposure, AND receive something in return for your efforts. Earn 20% from the annual corporate 'pin purchase' your friends and colleagues buy in order to be showcased on the global app. 

November 2024


Keeping our brains sharp and current with some of the brightest minds and best thinkers is important for all of us. So you get a 15% reduction on the admission fee for the annual 5C summit.


The sky is the limit.  Because bringing smart and passionate people together ALWAYS yields results and opportunities that surpass even the loftiest of expectations. Doing anything for the highest good of all is the best way forward. And TOGETHER we can.

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What does it cost to join?

For the first 100 founding members, the price is $1,200 Canadian. For one entire year. AND all renewals for founding members will be held to $1,200 Canadian for two subsequent years.

OR, pay $125 monthly for the first year and the regular price thereafter. 

Ready to Join?

We begin in January 2024!  Choose your best option

Still got questions?

Send a note through this link and ask anything. Feel free to ask for a chat one on one too. 

Welcome to the 5Cs